Variance Acrylic Finishes Available in New Mexico

At L&P Building Supply, we’re dedicated to providing only the highest quality of materials to our customers. This means we’ll only stock products that
we know are reliable and deliver the results that you want. Variance Specialty Finishes are one of those products that we’re proud to distribute. That’s why we’re the sole distributor in New Mexico!

The Variety of Variance

Acrylic finishes are used indoors and out to give a building the finishing touch of wall completion and color. This means offering a range of plasters that provide a variety of colors, finishes and purposes. Do you need a decorative indoor acrylic finish? High gloss or a natural stone look? Variance stocks durable, breathable and low maintenance finishes for hallways, living rooms and high traffic areas.

What about kitchens and bathrooms? Variance has an entire line of abuse resistant acrylic finishes that can be color matched to provide the beautiful, long-lasting walls that your project needs. If you want a natural stone finish, Variance offers plasters that have durability and versatility while providing the beautiful look of limestone, granite, rock or even sand. The most beautiful, durable and user-friendly decorative finish available, L&P Building Supply offers the most complete inventory of Variance available in the US.

Versatile Beauty with Variance

L&P Building Supply has been helping New Mexico pick the right materials for its projects for over 59 years. One of the reasons we pride ourselves on our dedication to quality is the fact that we stock only materials we would use in our own homes and businesses. You can see an example of that if you drop by our store at 101 Industrial Ave. We’ve turned our store into our showroom, with every wall done in a different type of manufactured stone or acrylic finish. You can see the end result of every type of finish you’re considering!

With years of quality service to New Mexico and Variance’s products available and in stock, you can get everything you need for your project quickly and easily by contacting us today!


Learn more about Variance’s acrylic finishes by calling 505.828.0332 today!

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