Synthetic Plaster Supplies for New Mexico


Color, versatility and durability are all different aspects of completing an interior. But you can combine them into one with synthetic plasters. Take the painting and polishing out of completing a room with skillful application of the synthetic plasters available at L&P Building Supply and see why they’ve become such a popular solution for interior designers and contractors!

The Benefits of Synthetic Plasters

Traditional plaster consists of powdered gypsum that’s been treated so when it mixes with water, the crystalline properties are activated to form molecular bonds. Synthetic plaster uses acrylic, forming polymer bonds instead of crystalline. This plaster has greater flexibility and is much easier to apply in thin layers.

Synthetic plasters also have a greater variability of color. If you want something in a bright blue or a deep red, it’s much easier to color match synthetic plasters. They’re used to create the Venetian plaster look, can be polished to a glossy shine and respond well to stenciled designs. The versatility of synthetic plasters makes them fantastic for eye-catching indoor areas, and we stock everything you need to successfully apply and finish your synthetic plaster walls.

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The Right Materials with the Right Service

L&P Building Supply has been helping New Mexico complete construction projects, both professional and DIY-driven, for over 59 years. We’re careful to keep our store stocked with everything you need, from stucco to plaster to rebar, to complete your project on time.

You don’t have to wonder what’s possible with synthetic plaster. We can show you! Come to our store at 101 Industrial Ave. and see how we’ve turned it into our showroom, complete with walls displaying the end result with all of our manufactured stone, stucco and synthetic plaster products. Contact us today to start your order and ask about our delivery service!

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