Quality Stucco Products in New Mexico

Stucco is one of the most popular choices for completing a wall, especially here in the Southwest. But poor quality stucco cracks and breaks after just a short time. The last thing you want is to discover you’ve been given shoddy materials and need to stop in the middle of construction to find something suitable to your project. L&P Building Supply stocks only the highest quality of bonding agents, stucco, stucco mesh and more.

Get the Stucco Products You Need

You invest time and effort into producing the highest quality of workmanship possible. But you can’t get the results you want without the right tools and materials. Stucco can’t simply be smoothed over an unfinished wall and have the durability and beautiful appearance that it’s known for. A quality stucco job requires other materials like netting, cement, and fiberglass mesh – and we offer everything you need to ensure the best results.

L&P Building Supply keeps everything your construction project needs in stock. We’ve been helping New Mexico complete quality projects for over 59 years; one way we do that is by ensuring everything we sell is something we’d use in our own homes and businesses. When you buy your stucco plaster and other materials off our shelves, you’re getting only what we would use ourselves.

Complete Customer Service

We know the business and we know our products. This is why L&P Building Supply is able to answer your questions about our stock, how it’s used and what you may need to complete a project. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike can find what they need to complete their stucco walls here, and get the same quality of attentive customer service every time.

Do you want to know what the stucco we stock looks like before you choose? Our store doubles as a showroom, with all of our available products demonstrated on our walls. Come by 101 Industrial Ave. or contact us today with your questions and get your stucco products from the best retailer in New Mexico.

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