Get the Stucco Accessories You Need, Albuquerque

Installing stucco properly takes more than just the plaster and a trowel. You need the right layers to place on the walls before stucco plaster is applied and the tools to apply it. Gathering all of these materials doesn’t have to involve going to different locations and trying to match quality. L&P Building Supply has everything you need for complete stucco application with the same guaranteed quality every time.

Stucco Accessories

To ensure your project is completed right, you know you’re going to
need building paper, casing beads, metal lath or stucco netting, trim accessories and more. And that’s not including the stucco plaster itself, both the base and top coats. You need a quality of material that matches your workmanship, and that’s exactly what we offer.

All of our stucco accessories are kept in stock and come from brands we trust for our own homes and business. You’ll never have to wonder if the wire stucco netting is going to hold up or if we’ll be able to deliver the amount of building paper you ordered. We can discuss your project needs with you and we’ll understand what you’re asking for when you talk about expansion joints.

Get Quality, Every Time

Our dedication to providing New Mexico with the building materials needed for lasting locations has kept us going for over 59 years, and we improve our business by providing you with the stucco accessories you need and the quality you want. L&P Building Supply has everything your project needs, from paint to drywall to stucco plaster.

If you want to see how everything comes together, come by our store at 101 Industrial Ave. We’ve turned it into a combination store/showroom to let you see stucco, paint and other surfaces in action. Contact us today to discuss delivery options or start your order!

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