Available Types of Manufactured Stone

L&P Building Supply stocks Tivoli manufactured stone, both panel type and individual stones, to let you select just what you need to complete your
construction project.

What’s the Difference in Stone Types?

Manufactured stone comes in a variety of styles and colors, but the most common types are individual and panel type stones. Individual stones work much like bricks or naturally derived stones. Separate pieces are assembled and mortared into place to create the stone façade on the chosen wall. This is commonly done for fireplaces and accent walls that may have a unique shape where panels wouldn’t be practical.

Panels are pre-constructed pieces that have the appearance of arranged stone—with or without mortar is an option for many varieties—that can be installed like regular wall paneling. It usually comes in a standard 4” rectangular shape that allows the panels to be fitted together based on aesthetic desires. These panels can be used for simple, flat surfaces to make covering large areas easier and faster.

Tivoli Manufactured Stone

L&P Building Supply is only interested in providing the best to our customers. This is why we bring Tivoli manufactured stone in from Alamogordo. The types of manufactured stone available cover everything our customers will need for their projects, from individual stones to panels, water sills to flat wall caps. Tivoli’s quality stone fits perfectly with our dedication to giving our customers the best building materials available.

Do you want to see what the various types of manufactured stone are capable of? Come by our store at 101 Industrial Ave. and see it at work! We’ve turned our store into our showroom, demonstrating what everything we stock looks like when it’s applied to a project. Contact us today to ask about our delivery services or just come by to see what types of stone you need!


Field Stone Santa Fe


Dry Stack Santa Fe


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River Rock Rio Grande

Desert Stone Sandia


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