High Quality Roofing Materials for Albuquerque

Roofing is hard work, and with the wear and tear that roofs are exposed to through a building’s lifetime, it’s hard work that has to be done right with the best materials. You’re providing the craftsmanship; L&P Building Supply has the materials you need in the quality you want.

What Roofing Materials Do You Need?

Spray foam, elastomeric, acrylic, primers—there are a lot of options for providing a lasting roof. You need every one of those options to be water-tight, securely fastened and to be made of high-quality materials. This also includes all of the tools you need to attach those materials to the roof you’re working on. And what if you’re attempting a DIY and you’re not sure what to get?

L&P Building Supply has been providing New Mexico with roof materials and expert knowledge for over 59 years. We know how to use all of the materials we stock, and we only stock the best. If you’re a professional looking for the highest quality vent flashing or a homeowner wanting to replace missing shingles, we can tell you what we have and what would work best for your project.

Customer Service, Quality Experience

It’s not just our stock that has a reputation for being the best. We match what we sell by providing the best customer service we can. L&P Building Supply focuses on completing each customer order, ensuring every customer’s questions are addressed and that you have everything you need to finish your project on time.

We keep our business fully stocked and we only stock the brands that we know and trust. You’ll receive more than a competitive price for your asphalt shingles. Delivery is only one of the services we offer; contact us today and ask about our scheduled training sessions!

Call 505.828.0332 today and ask about our scheduled training sessions for new techniques!

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