Rebar Available for New Mexico’s Construction

The framework of any building needs to be strong, and while concrete—the most popular building material used today—has strength, it can’t do the job on its own. This is why rebar (reinforcing bar) is included in dozens of construction projects; it provides the additional strength needed for a quality construction. L&P Building Supply offers high quality rebar to accompany our concrete products for that reason.

Convenience Included

A construction project needs multiple materials, and trying to find everything you need can be a hassle. Trying to find the right quality on top of that can lead to frustration as you’re trying to get the materials in time to complete the project. Common rebar, made of unfinished tempered steel, needs to be stored properly to avoid premature rusting. Other types of rebar—epoxy-coated, galvanized or stainless steel—may be needed.

L&P Building Supply offers the highest quality of rebar available in New Mexico. We keep a complete stock on hand in order to meet your needs as soon as possible. If you need a specific form of rebar or a specific size, tell us! With over 59 years of experience, we can speak the professional language with you and you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong material.

Complete Customer Service

Choosing the right material for your project, whether it’s a DIY driveway or a hotel construction, is critical to your success. Providing you with the highest quality of that material and the best customer service available is critical to ours. L&P Building Supply uses our experience in construction materials to ensure the quality of what we offer and the customer service you deserve. With everything you could need, from roofing materials to interior finishes, we’ve created one-stop shopping convenience for building.

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