All the Paint Finishes Albuquerque Needs

Different effects can be created with different types of paint, and the last thing anyone preparing for a project wants to do is go in search of the right paint finish while trying to find the right acrylic plaster and needing to stop elsewhere for concrete.

L&P Building Supply offers everything your construction project needs under one roof, with the expert assistance to ensure it’s exactly what you want before you take it home.

Available Paint Finishes

Paint provides the final touch to a room and is one of the last steps in construction. That doesn’t mean it’s the last material you think of when beginning a project. However, trying to find different locations that stock concrete materials, rebar, interior finishes and paint can be difficult. Finding consistent quality can be even harder.

L&P Building Supply stocks PPG Paints to ensure that we can give you the highest quality of every building material you need. Flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, gloss—we have access to all of the finishes and colors you need. Are you not sure what shade to choose? Bring a sample in and our in-house color matching will get you just what you need.

Quality Guaranteed, Every Time

Your project requires reliable quality in your materials. L&P Building Supply has been ensuring Albuquerque’s construction success for over 59 years by stocking only the best. Our available stock is chosen because we know it stands up to the wear and tear of daily usage and makes for great results.

Our dedication to customer service involves offering delivery and even holding training sessions to ensure that you can get the detailed instruction you need to perfect your processes. Do you want to get the best result for your time and effort? Contact us today to discuss your paint finishes, color matching and more!

Call 505.933.7633 and ask about our in-house color matching!