Get the Types of Insulation You Need, New Mexico

An indoor wall needs one type of insulation, but an attic needs something else entirely. You can’t cut corners on quality construction by trying to cover different aspects of building with the same material. And what if you need a particular thickness of a rigid foam board, but you can only find the standard size? That’s why we ensure the most popular types of insulation are available at L&P Building Supply.

What is the Most Common Insulation Type?

Different areas of construction require different types of insulation to keep the buildings energy-efficient and comfortable. The most commonly used, and our most popular, is extruded polystyrene. Available as rigid foam boards, it’s lightweight, easy to use and comes in a variety of thicknesses that allows you to choose based on the construction needs and not “what’s available.”

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY-enthusiast, L&P Building Supply has everything you need to complete your project. If you need a specific type of insulation, we can get it for you. Do you need to know what insulation works best in the Southwest? We’ve been serving New Mexico for over 59 years and we can tell you what’s most commonly used and how to use it.

Everything Your Project Needs

We combine quality materials with excellent customer service and expertise in the field. If you need instructions on how these materials work, we can help you. If you’re a professional, we can meet you on your level. Our dedication is providing you with everything you need to complete your construction. Contact us today to start your order!

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