Get the Right Insulation Products, New Mexico

Insulation is important in protecting a building from extreme temperatures – both heat and cold. Quality insulation reduces energy costs for heating and cooling, leading to substantial savings over the life of a building.  Looking for top-quality insulation for your project? Come to L&P Building Supply and we’ll help you get everything you need.

Available Insulation Products

The insulation used for interior walls is different from the insulation for an attic. And if you’re insulating a garage, the right insulation will make a huge difference when temperatures change. At L&P Building Supply, we keep a wide range of insulation on hand to ensure that we can outfit you for any project you’re completing.

Foam insulation and extruded polystyrene spray foam are both available. We also keep rigid insulation in stock. You won’t have to check four different locations to find everything your project needs; we keep everything on hand and we research ahead of time to ensure that we have exactly what you need.

Experience, Quality, Service

For over 59 years, L&P Building Supply has been helping New Mexico contractors and DIY-enthusiasts complete their projects. With our experience in the field, our dedication to quality and our determination to provide the best customer service available, we’re the best option for your complete building needs.

And we don’t stop just by providing the highest quality of insulation products or customer service. Do you need delivery? We have it! What about color matching to ensure the interior walls are just what was ordered? In-house color matching is available. Contact us today and ask about our other services!

All the insulation products you need are available when you call 505.828.0332.

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