Quality Concrete for Albuquerque


From walls to floors, foundations to sidewalks, concrete is the most popular artificial building material used today. Poor quality concrete, however, crumbles and breaks. If it’s not made with the right materials or the framework it’s constructed around fails, your project faces a serious setback. L&P Building Supply is dedicated to your successful construction; this is why we offer the highest quality of concrete products available.


Everything Your Project Needs

Concrete requires stabilizing material to hold form if it’s going to be a wall or load-bearing. For that, you need high quality rebar. Concrete also has to be poured into forms in order to take the right shape. These forms must remain stable to ensure the end result is the size and shape needed and to prevent waste caused by leaking concrete.

What about anchor bolts and bar ties? Can you get everything you need under one roof? L&P Building Supply is the answer to that question—you can, and you can be assured of receiving the highest quality of building material available. From the beginning to the end of your project, professional or DIY, you can find all of the concrete products you need here.

Experience, Quality, Service

L&P Building Supply uses our experience to improve the quality of building in New Mexico by providing you with superior products and the best customer service available. With over 59 years in the business, we know that you rely on high quality materials to complete your projects. And we know how to answer your questions about those materials.

We even offer delivery to ensure you get the materials you need on time. Contact us today or stop by our store on 101 Industrial Ave. today!

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