Acrylic Plasters Available for New Mexico

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To create just the right look for your project, you need high quality acrylic plasters. There’s a specific color required and regular materials won’t do.L&P Building Supply understands the need to meet certain requirements for your construction project. Whether it’s a professional structure or a DIY renovation of a living room, you deserve the best possible materials and we have them.

The Materials You Need

Variance and Deco offer acrylic plasters for indoor usage with a special level of versatility. You can texture them, compress them for a smoother appearance, get a professional Venetian plaster mix and select whatever color your project needs. We’re the sole distributors of both Variance and Deco acrylic plasters in the state.

All the quality you need is available under one roof. Not only so we have the acrylic plasters you need; we also have stucco supplies, paint finishes, manufactured stone from Alamogordo and much more. If you’ve come for a specific shade of acrylic plaster or interior finish, we can do your color matching in-house.

The Service You Deserve

For over 59 years, L&P Building Supply has been providing New Mexico and its neighbors with the highest quality available in both products and service. We’re dedicated to keeping every professional and DIY enthusiast supplied with exactly what they need to complete their projects on time. With trusted product names, our experience in the industry and a wide array of materials under one roof, you can be assured that you’ll find what you need every time.

Do you want to see acrylic plasters in action? Our store doubles as our showroom. Come to 101 Industrial Ave. and see the different stuccos, interior finishes and acrylic plasters to help you make the right choice for your project. Contact us today to start your order!

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