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New Mexico Building Plaster-Acrylic Indoor & Outdoor: Acrylic plasters are used for indoor and outdoor layers to replace traditional stucco. If you’re looking for the highest quality of acrylic plasters available, L&P Building Supply has you covered.

New Mexico Building Service-Materials, Training & Experience: Although L&P Building Supply focuses on providing materials, we also offer an array of specific services to help you and your project along.

Interior Finishes-Albuquerque Colors & Textures: Create the ideal look for your project with the right interior finish! L&P Building Supply stocks only the best materials to complete your construction just the way you want.

Household & Commercial Paint-Albuquerque Finishes & Materials: Flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, gloss—what type of paint finish do you need? L&P Building Supply has it!

Manufactured Stone Types-Albuquerque Stone Veneer Styles: Do you need a whole wall covered? A fireplace? L&P Building Supply keeps a stock of all the stone types you could need for your project.

Stone Building Supplies-Stone Veneers in Albuquerque: A stone veneer can be the perfect finishing touch your project needs. L&P Building Supply stocks Tivoli manufactured stone to help you get just the right look for your building!

Albuquerque Products-Insulation Types & Use: Insulation is what keeps a building energy efficient and comfortable. Get high-quality insulation products at L&P Building Supply!

Albuquerque Stucco Accessories-Materials, Tools & Workmanship: Building paper, trim accessories, casing beads—there’s more to putting up stucco than just the plaster. L&P Building Supply provides everything you need at the quality you want.

Insulation Types_Albuquerque Project Materials: Different types of insulation are needed for different purposes, and L&P Building Supply has everything you need.

Albuquerque Building Supplies-Plasters, Paint, Stone & Coatings: Our primary purpose at L&P Building Supply is to provide you with the best materials you need to complete your project.

Albuquerque Roofing Materials-Expert Knowledge in New Mexico: It’s the first defense against the elements for any building, and L&P Building Supply has everything you need to complete your roofing project.

L&P Building Supply – Experience, Quality, & Service: As Albuquerque’s premier distributor of stucco and accessories, L&P Building Supply offers the materials you need to finish your project.

Albuquerque Manufactured Stone-Artistic Wall Construction: Looking for a quality supplier of beautiful manufactured stone? L&P Building Supply provides Tivoli Manufactured Stone for all of your wall-finishing needs.

Albuquerque Stucco & Building Materials-Contractors & Homeowners: A distributor who understands the materials and the needs of the community, L&P Building Supply has been offering New Mexico the finest for over 59 years.

Albuquerque Construction Supplies-Preferred Brands: At L&P Building Supply, we only work with the best! This includes our brand choices as well as our employees.

Albuquerque Concrete Materials-Interior & Exterior: The most popular artificial building material on Earth is concrete, and L&P Building Supply has the materials you need to use concrete to complete your project.

New Mexico Stucco Products-Tools & Materials: One of the most popular methods of completing a wall, stucco is beautiful and versatile. L&P Building Supply can provide you with everything you need to complete your stucco project.

Reinforcing Concrete Projects-Household & Commercial Rebar Types: The basis of reinforcement for your construction needs to be the best. L&P Building Supply provides high quality rebar for all of your projects.

Albuquerque Synthetic Plasters-Supplies and Types: Striking color and a glossy finish? You can achieve that without natural stone. L&P Building Supply stocks synthetic plasters that can be used to complete your project!

Acrylic Finishes-Albuquerque Specialty Finishes: Looking for the highest quality of acrylic finishes available for your project? L&P Building Supply stocks Variance acrylic finishes to ensure you get the end result you want!


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